The life of an occupational therapist is varied, dynamic and rewarding. Your work has a meaningful impact on the lives of clients, restoring safety, function and independence. 

OTs work across many areas of healthcare, from private practice to workplace health and safety, through to residential aged care and community settings. This breadth of opportunity is an exciting prospect for an OT, but with it comes a vast range of specialist knowledge and training that needs to be acquired to work in each area. 

As a specialist allied health provider servicing the aged care community, Plena Healthcare identified that for many OTs seeking to work in the community sector, particularly new grads, there can be a knowledge and experience gap that can be difficult to bridge. A comprehensive skillset is required for this unique setting that is not always addressed within formal study or in non-community workplaces. 

Plena Healthcare’s OT Clinical Development Pathway educates and empowers our community OTs to service a greater range of clients whilst still maintaining the high standards of person-centred care Plena is known for. 

The program provides a highly relevant and practical set of modules, designed by experienced community OTs, allowing individuals to enhance and progress their skills. 

Infographic of the OT Clinical Development Pathway

Plena stands apart from other providers by integrating training within your working capacity, including providing compensation for time spent on education. This is in addition to the full range of Plena Perks.

Plena OTs who have progressed through the clinical pathway possess a comprehensive skillset and the confidence to work effectively in the community setting. This intensive, well-paced development program equips OTs with skills and experience that would traditionally take years to acquire on-the-job or be otherwise inaccessible to others. 

The OT training program is testament to Plena Healthcare’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development, ensuring Plena OTs are always at the forefront of industry standards and best practices. 

If you want to take your OT career to the next level with Plena Healthcare, browse our available roles here or reach out to our recruitment team to discuss opportunities.