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The Plena Care Pathway

The Plena Care Pathway is an innovative service model that supports a resident through their entire residential aged care journey. Our sustainable model supports providers to ensure residents have access to allied health care through an efficient and agile service model, meeting the requirements in accordance with their obligations under the Aged Care Act 1997 and the associated Quality Standards.

Our innovative allied health service model for residential aged care  – The Plena Care Pathway has proven to produce incredible results for our partners and our residents, so we are unbelievably thrilled that it won the Innovative Product Excellence Award at the 2023 Allied Health Awards.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and was the driving force behind the development of the The Plena Care Pathway. It supports residents to access tailored allied health services through their entire residential aged care journey, and delivers evidence-based mobility and functional programs, care plan reviews, one-to-one therapy interventions and group based active aging services.

The Plena Care Pathway is a significant innovation in the way that allied health services are delivered to ageing Australians living within residential aged care facilities. While the pathway was developed to address allied health service delivery under the new AN-ACC funding model (in place from 1 October 2022), it is deeply rooted in and supported by evidence from clinical research and our own experience delivering allied health services within aged care facilities.

Plena Healthcare provides allied healthcare services via The Plena Care Pathway across multiple modalities. Our collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach ensures appropriate allied health services are available to support active ageing and wellbeing.

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Our innovative allied health service model The Plena Care Pathway is offered within residential aged care facilities, and designed to meet the individual needs and goals of residents. The Plena Care Pathway seamlessly integrates with our Private Therapy Services, so residents can choose to access additional services to meet their needs.

The Plena Care Pathway comprises of four phases of support throughout the entire residential aged care journey.

Plena Care Pathway flow chart and infographic

Pre Admission

Plena therapists connect with prospective residents and families through meaningful consultation. Upon admission, comprehensive assessments, clinical outcome measures, personalised goal setting, and care and treatment planning are undertaken. When prospective residents and their families get their first impression of your residential aged care facility, The Plena Care Pathway and availability of clinicians on site can play an important part in their decision making.
plena staff member sitting facing an older person


The Plena Care Pathway therapy service component aims to optimise and maintain function and mobility, and includes the management of pain. This is achieved through consumer-focused goal setting, individualised treatment planning, and tailored therapy. Clinicians work with individuals to define and achieve goals that improve their daily life - such as increased mobility or to regain independence for everyday tasks.
Older couple sitting on couch with clinical staff member

Restorative Phase

Teams focus on 1:1 therapy to increase strength, balance, and endurance, as well as behaviour, pain, and oedema management as required. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual's goals and to improve participation in daily activities. Pending clinical outcomes, the resident is supported to transition into Active Ageing programs or an extension of the restorative therapy program, if indicated by a clinical change.
Senior woman raising arms next to a physical therapist

Active Ageing

The resident is supported to achieve their goals on an ongoing basis to maintain mobility, function and fitness via group based exercise programs, pain management services, and equipment prescription and support. Group programs include individuals with similar needs, functions, goals and capabilities, so the group can encourage and support one another and promote positive social interaction.
Group of older people doing gentle exercises

Improving clinical outcomes for residents is the primary focus of the model, but there are also a range of benefits for providers in implementing the pathway and can help drive improvements in occupancy and overall profitability, while providing services in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

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