Plena Healthcare dietitians are passionate about working with aged care clients and seeing food as medicine to improve quality of life. We partner with you to provide nutritional recommendations that combine best-practice nutrition, with a practical and quality-of-life focus for the client and their experience.

With us, you can count on a dietetics service that can provide:

  • Nutrition and hydration reviews that investigate all aspects of food prep, delivery and nutrition, so you know what is working well, and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Menu review service, so you can ensure the menu is everything residents both need and want from their meal experience.
  • Aged care weight tracker service, so you can track and monitor weight changes over time for residents, and take prompt action where necessary.
  • Weight review service to review weight trends over a six-month period, and identify residents needing nursing or dietitian review.
  • Menu development service, in which we work with catering staff, managers and residents to develop a four-week rotating menu that is nutritious and enjoyable for residents.
  • Menu reviews, to help ensure menus meet nutritional standards.
  • Supplement systems review, reviewing the supplements you use to help improve efficiencies, reduce unnecessary waste, improve nutrition status for residents, and ultimately save you money.

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