You probably get a lot of questions about podiatry from your residents and their families. That’s because they know how important good foot health is to maintaining independence and mobility. Unsurprisingly, we agree. It’s also our belief that the best way to prevent serious problems with your resident’s foot health is to focus on consistent, preventative care.

With us, you can count on a podiatry service that gives you:

  • Podiatry care plans for each resident to ensure foot health is part of the holistic picture of their care needs
  • Assessment of the general foot health for the resident – we’re talking skin integrity, nails, deformities, pressure areas, skin build up and circulation issues
  • Podiatric treatment as required using bagged sterile equipment and dressings
  • Verbal and electronic handover reports so you can get the information you need quickly and accurately
  • Access to onsite emergency podiatry sessions for when the unexpected happens
  • Education resources that help your staff learn more about maintaining the foot health of your residents

Not sure what care you may need?