Speech Pathology

Plena Healthcare speech pathologists work with clients to ensure they can be heard and have the best quality of life. Our speech pathologists are experts in communication, and specialise in the assessment and management of speech, swallowing, voice and communication difficulties.

Our team also has significant experience treating swallowing impairments (dysphagia), speech impairments (dyspraxia or dysarthria), language or communication impairments (aphasia), and voice impairments (dysphonia).

With us, you can expect to receive:

  • Speech pathology care plans for each resident to ensure residents are swallowing safely, and fluid and food recommendations are tailored to meet their individual requirements.
  • Integrating with your multi-disciplinary team, to get to know residents, families, staff, your kitchen procedures and to understand how your facility works.
  • Documented assessments and provide clear recommendations that are easy for clinical and care staff to understand, and we make sure our terminology is aligned with industry standards.
  • Assessments and care plans to support ACFI funding in activities of daily living and complex health care.
  • Efficient ACFI claim management, accreditation and validation support – which leads to financial savings for the facilities we service.

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