COVID-19 shouldn’t keep clients from maintaining their nutritional health. After all, nutrition is a key pillar of general health and wellbeing. But how can you achieve this when there are visitor restrictions?

Enter Dietitian Link, our telehealth service. This allows your clients to continue receiving care from a dietitian, whenever they need. We also remove travel costs, which is an added bonus.

Telehealth consults have been part of our usual service for many years. Our experience is that older clients receive care that is on par with an in-person consult.

If you need more convincing, the research backs us up. A 2018 systematic review showed that telephone consultation with a dietitian increased older clients’ protein intake and improved quality of life. Dietitian telephone consultations also resulted in trends toward improvements in nutrition status, physical function, and reduced hospital readmission rates and mortality. For clients with chronic disease, studies found that telephone and videoconference consultations are just as effective as in‐person care.

Whether via video-conferencing or telephone, every Dietitian Link consultation considers all factors influencing good nutrition. Our assessments consider your home’s capabilities, the client’s goals and preferences, clinical condition and history, weights, and food intake.

Your client will receive recommendations that ensure they and their family members have a positive experience. All this without needing to set up an in-person meeting with a dietitian in 2020’s unpredictable climate.

More than ever, many homes are interested in such a service, but they can be hesitant, unsure on how to get started.

So, we are here to say, we are up for all your questions! Let us assist you with setting up our effective Dietitian Link service to be used in your home.