Nutrition Matters July 2021

As we all know, food and dining experience is a huge part of clients’ experience in aged care, and also a key focus of the Royal Commission. The dietetics team at Plena Healthcare works with its RAC customers to ensure menus tick all the boxes. Having a great menu that nourishes clients and receives consistently positive feedback is about more than just box ticking.

Nutrition matters and a menu review from our dietitians not only includes a comprehensive analysis of nutritional value based on the menu, it carefully considers best practice in nutrition and what will best meet client expectations.

See the summary below explaining our menu review process, including the old and new key features of the menu review process and why it has changed.

Why has the Plena Menu Review process changed?

The menu review process has been updated to stay up to date with the current climate in aged care in Australia.

Our menu review now better reflects important updates and findings related to The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and Dietitians Australia standards for nutrition in menu reviews. In particular, the new review process is in line with all relevant aspects of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

What has changed?

The main change in the menu review centres around more focus on the clients and their needs. This includes:

  • Greater focus on variety and client choice within the menu design process
  • Improved clarity of assessment and recommendations regarding regular texture and texture modified diets

What will stay the same?

Apart from the key changes highlighted above, all of the useful features of the menu review process will stay the same. This includes:

  • Key nutritional criteria and checklist
  • Food group and serve analysis
  • Plate weight audit
  • Menu variety and design checklist
  • Open and regular communication during the menu review process

Want to see how your menu weighs up?

Try first listening and reviewing what your clients are saying about the menu and dining experience. Then document what you’re doing to involve clients in menu and dining choices.

If there are some gaps or improvements to make, consider organising a comprehensive menu review with our Plena Healthcare dietetics team by calling 136 033.