The Plena Care Pathway is Plena Healthcare’s industry leading service model for supporting consumers with access to tailored allied health services, through their entire residential aged care journey. As the largest provider of allied health services into residential aged care facilities in Australia, the Plena Care Pathway was developed in response to the new AN-ACC funding model, which will replace ACFI on 1 October 2022.

Under the AN-ACC funding model, Residential Aged Care Providers are required to provide allied health services to residents in accordance with their obligations under the Aged Care Act 1997 and the associated Quality Standards.

Improving clinical outcomes for residents is the primary focus of the model, but there are also a range of benefits for providers in implementing the pathway and can help drive improvements in occupancy and overall profitability, while providing services in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Tailored services to each consumer
    Agile and evidence-based service model
    All clients can access allied health services
  • Consumer directed care enables consumer driven goals of therapy
    Co-designed goal setting and clinical outcome tracking in line with ACQS and NQIP Improved multidisciplinary collaboration and approach
  • Improved restorative outcomes and reduced falls
    Decreased cost and burden of care
    Higher functional level and quality of life – linked to upcoming NQIP reporting
  • Provider-wide approach allows for package offering with balance of user pay services
    Proactive restorative model to drive occupancy improvement
    Point of difference in market
  • Key driver of positive outcomes important for NQIP reporting and future Star Rating including enhancing quality of life measures, improving user satisfaction ratings, preventing mobility decline and reducing falls

The Plena Care Pathway also provides comprehensive reporting for providers, and our investment in systems, data, and insights means we partner with providers to drive improvements in care quality standards while achieving excellent clinical outcomes for the consumer.

  • Industry population data for comparative analysis and benchmarking to drive quality improvement initiatives.
  • Residential Aged Care performance at an individual facility level tracked to support star rating regime, also as a management tool for benchmarking across a network.
  • Resident clinical outcomes tracked throughout the Plena Care Pathway. Opportunity to identify clinical risk & markers of decline; and to celebrate success with residents and loved ones.