If you were to dream up perfect podiatry job candidates, what qualities would they embody? We’ll give you a clue, it’s got nothing to do with how well they groom their beard or dress in the latest labels. It’s more the personal qualities. Qualities like being genuine with every interaction. Being clear and decisive. Using their brain, and having the ability to blow their own horn when required.

So here’s a little list we’ve put together of the top seven qualities we think are worth keeping front of mind come job-hunting time. Just make sure to drop us a line when you reach the top.

be decisive about your future.

Knowing what you want from your career and how you’re going to get there is a pretty tough ask for someone starting out in the podiatry field. That’s why if you formulate a rough plan, along with some goals that you want to check off, it’s all the more impressive to prospective employers. Having these goals and long-term strategies in place says a few things about you – it means you’re motivated, focused, and willing to work hard. It also means the employer can help grow your skill set if need be. Maybe you want to open a clinic of your own one day? If so, let your employer know. Knowledge is power, and the more they know, the more they can help.

be genuine about your intentions.

You might think it goes without saying, but being genuine about the role you’re going for goes a long way to making you ideal candidates. Employers don’t want their time to be wasted, so if you’re beating around the bush or on the fence about a podiatry position, have a long, hard think about it before you apply. Our advice is to always be upfront. If you’re looking for a part-time role to make up the hours, be honest about it. If you have questions on what the role entails and are hesitant about a certain aspect of the job, ask them. The more thought you put into applying now, the less hassle you’ll have once you’re settled into the role.

hammer home your strengths.

We get it, blowing your own horn can be hard. If you’re good at it, power to you. But for those of us that aren’t proficient in selling their strengths, let it be known – if you can do this, you’ll go a long way to convincing the people around you you belong in the role. Our advice? Play to your strengths. If you’re a people person, talk about how you love interacting with patients. Know a lot about computers? That works too because most clinics nowadays have CRM systems that manage the workload. Remember, your strengths should help the company first and foremost, so make sure to do yourself a favour by highlighting a few.

your brain is your best friend.

Of course, we know you’re smart, but does your prospective employer? This isn’t an invite to brag about how you’re much more worthy than everyone else, but it is an invitation to demonstrate how you put your brain to work during your 9-5. Those who have the ability to put smart ideas into action and solve big problems often reach the top of their prospective ladder pretty quick. So whether it’s a world-changing idea or increasing the companies output by 5%, it’s always worth sharing. If you have an opinion, share that too. These days, every business needs to innovate and evolve, and your ideas could be just the ticket to helping them do that.

making the team work.

Working with others is a key element of today’s workplace. If you’re good at it, then word quickly spreads. If you can’t learn to share thoughts and collectively solve a problem, then, unfortunately, it won’t be too long before you’re found out. The podiatry world is full of roles that have to work with others to get things done, so if you can function in a team environment, it’ll go a long way to serving you well in your career. Employers often want the best of both worlds. That’s the ability to work independently and autonomously if required. The perfect candidates can do both, so be sure to aim for a balance.

own your outcomes, whatever they are.

Perfect candidates take accountability – there’s no two ways about it. The ability to put your hand up and own a problem or solution when the going gets tough is viewed by businesses and employers as a major plus. This is a quality that’s all about building trust between you and your boss, so make sure if you’re going for a role in the podiatry sector to give examples of when you took on more responsibility, or if there was an instance you stepped up to manage patients on your own, perhaps give examples of how you took control of the situation.

anticipate what’s next.

Go-getters can certainly make an impact in an organisation. But if you’re not naturally an ‘out-there’ type, don’t worry. You can still show your eagerness in other ways. See, it’s all about demonstrating your ambition, being proactive and having clear goals. The ability to anticipate problems before they occur and having a solution ready is one of the best attributes you can harness. Even better, if your goals line up with the company’s commercial goals, it’s a win-win for you both.

acquiring these qualities for yourself.

If you’re prepping for another position in podiatry, take a moment to mull over the above list. Think about the different ways you’ve demonstrated these qualities in the past and come up with concrete examples that you can back them up with. Over the years, if you can foster a positive attitude towards teamwork, learning new things, taking responsibility and knowing what you want from your career, prospective employers will give you every chance to prove yourself. With a few simple tweaks, your next role will be for the taking.