Plena Healthcare offers biomechanical assessments and custom orthotic prescriptions in partnership with Paromed, all within the comfort of your own home or residential aged care facility.

What are Orthotics?
Orthotics (or orthoses) is a term for an externally applied device that is inserted into your shoe. It is used to treat numerous foot conditions, foot pain, and foot pathologies. Orthotics fit comfortably in shoes and are designed to support the foot and its function.

How can Orthotics help?
Orthotics alter the pressure coming from the ground into the foot and ankle when standing, walking, or running. By changing the ground reaction force, foot mechanics can be improved. Orthotics are custom-made for how each individual walks, based on the Podiatrist’s clinical findings.

Foot, ankle, or lower leg pain or discomfort can affect quality of life.

A biomechanical assessment will determine if an orthotic could help.

We understand it can be hard to get to a Podiatrist. That is why we offer a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis in the comfort of the client’s own home. This assessment is completed by our team and includes a review of the client’s medical history, presenting clinical complaints, and muscle, joint, and gait analysis to assess the body’s movement. After the biomechanical assessment, the Podiatrist will provide a report with their clinical findings to see if an orthotic is suitable.

2. 3D SCAN
If Orthotics are required, an in-home 3D scan of the feet is completed using digital technology provided by our partner, Paromed. Plena Healthcare’s Podiatrists will use the scan and clinical findings to create an Orthotic script, specific to the individual’s needs. This information will then be sent to Paromed, who will design and manufacture a fully customised Orthotic with their CAD/CAM technology.

Once the custom orthotic script has been manufactured by Paromed and received by Plena Healthcare the Podiatrist will return to the individual’s home to complete a fitting in their chosen footwear. The Podiatrist will check to ensure the orthotic is addressing the clinical concerns and that the client is happy. Six weeks after the client has had the opportunity to wear the orthotic our team will conduct a telehealth follow-up appointment to ensure that there are no issues or concerns. Our goal is to allow our clients to live a healthier, happier, and more independent life.

Custom Orthotics Assessment and Fitting is available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

For more information contact or to book an assessment, contact or call 136 033.