If you’re a residential aged care provider, you know that meeting the requirements of ACQS and NQIP are important to not only ensure high quality services to your residents, but as a mechanism to effectively communicate why prospective residents should make you their preferred provider. If you’re a consumer, you want to clearly understand the quality of services on offer at your preferred provider.

The introduction of the Star Rating, later in 2022, will also provide another mechanism for consumers to access meaningful information so they can make an informed choice around their care.

The Plena Care Pathway was designed to align with these programs, first and foremost to ensure high-level services are made available to residents, but also to support providers in meeting the requirements.

Aged Care Quality Standards
The Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) are standards that all providers are required to meet. The Plena Care Pathway supports consumer dignity and choice, which is the cornerstone of the ACQS. It also directly aligns with three pillars of ACQS, including:

  • Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  • Personal and clinical care (through therapeutic intervention)
  • Services and supports for daily living (through therapeutic intervention)

National Quality Indicator Program
The National Quality Indicator Program (NQIP) collects quality indicator data, and can be used to improve the quality of services providers make available to residents.

The Plena Care Pathway supports current indicators included within NQIP, including pressure injuries, physical restraint, unplanned weight loss, falls and major injuries, medication management, which are currently reported on quarterly.

In September 2022, it was confirmed that NQIP would be expanded to include additional indicators including Activities of Daily Living, continence, hospitalisations, workforce turnover, consumer experience, and quality of life. Mandatory collection of data for these indicators will commence 1 April 2023, with the first rounds of reporting available in July 2023.

These indicators can be positively influenced by resident outcomes achieved through the Plena Care pathway, through improvements in functional and other clinical assessments.

Star Ratings
The new ‘Star Rating’ system will be available from the end of 2022. The star rating will be awarded based on a number of systems, including the NQIP reporting outcomes and ACQS Service Compliance Ratings.

The alignment between Plena Care Pathway and NQIP and ACQS measures, gives residential aged care providers yet another way to influence positive outcomes for residents. If you’re looking for an allied health offering that is evidence-based, outcome-driven, and supports you to meet the needs of your residents, get in touch with our team today.