Did you know, Manual Handling training is a requirement for professionals working in the care industry?   

Manual Handling Training should be provided to care staff during their onboarding and repeated annually to ensure the long-term safety of staff and consumers. 

Plena Healthcare can provide tailored training solutions designed for the unique needs of care and support workers in the community. 


What is Manual Handling?

Manual Handling involves any movement using your body to lift, lower, push, pull, carry or otherwise move, hold, or restrain any person, animal, or thing. 


What is Manual Handling Training?

Manual Handling Training is necessary in any situation where your employees must perform a manual task which may lead to injury or harm.  

Home Care and Disability support workers should always receive training which is specifically designed around and related to their role, ensuring they have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to perform their role safely in the homes of consumers. 

The purpose of the training it the reduce the risk of incidents occurring through role-specific course content and practical application of common manual tasks, lifts, transfers and operation of machinery. 

Manual Handling Training gives your team the knowledge to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for staff members, carers and consumers.  


Why is Manual Handling Training Important?
  1. Improving Workplace Practices 
  2. Prevention of Staff Injuries 
  3. Maximising Consumer Safety and Independence 


Following completion of the course, workers will have the ability to: 

  • identify and manage risk in the workplace 
  • understand the principles of safe manual handling 
  • understand essential biomechanics 
  • risk management
  • complete clinical and non-clinical transfers 


How can Plena Healthcare help?

Plena Healthcare offers community Manual Handling Training courses specifically tailored to the needs of in-home care workers supporting home care consumers and those living with a disability. 

Plena Healthcare’s Manual Handling Training provides your team with: 

  • comprehensive training which includes an interactive education presentation focused on key Workplace Health and safety fundamentals. 
  • practical description, demonstration or assessment of core competencies required for workers to perform their duties. 
  • knowledge to create a safe workplace for consumers, carers, volunteers, and themselves, by apply safe work practices and principles into their dynamic work environments. 
  • Our comprehensive training packages can be delivered nationally, onsite at your workplace for care workers, administrative staff or support teams.  All training packages are delivered by experienced community Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists and are based on National Workplace Health and Safety Legislation. 


To find out more about our Manual Handling Training services, download our Manual Handling Training Flyer or get in touch today!