What Is Manual Handling Training For Aged Care? 

Manual Handling Training for Aged Care ensures the well-being of both employees and consumers in the work environment. Training equips employees with the required skills and knowledge to properly provide home care services whilst following the accurate risk management process. 

Did you know the aged care and disability (care services) industry is responsible for almost a third of all worker’s compensation claims each year?  

  • Carers and Aides account for 31% of all claims.  
  • This statistic contrasts every other sector, including construction and transportation.  

Every worker in the care industry must undergo proper and frequent Manual Handling Training, with at least annual sessions, to guarantee the well-being of both employees and consumers in the work environment. According to the Workplace Health and Safety Act, employers are obligated to recognize potential dangers, implement risk management strategies, evaluate, and supply staff with necessary information, guidance, and instruction. 

Manual Handling Fast Facts  

Shoulders and backs are common high-risk areas due to the repetitive nature of the role when performing tasks such as cleaning, manual transfers, care and showering supports and social assistance services.  

The highest proportion of serious claims relate to:  

  • Muscular stress while handling objects (25%)  
  • Muscular stress while lifting, carrying, or putting down objects (15%)  

Although staff operate in a high-risk environment in aged care, it is important to remember that there are significant changes we can make to daily practice through adequate training to ensure the safety of staff and consumers.

Correct Manual handling reduces work injuries and improves safety and independence for consumers through practical application and enhanced understanding of core skills. This is achieved by focusing on the dynamic environment and the need for staff to assess and recognise risk and safety concerns.  

Remember, PREVENTION Is Key!

Most workplace injuries are PREVENTABLE and PREVENTION is better than a CURE.

How Can Plena Healthcare Help?  

Plena Healthcare offers Manual Handling Training courses specifically tailored to the needs of both in-home care workers supporting home care consumers and those operating in residential aged care.  

Plena Healthcare’s Manual Handling Training provides your team with:  

  • Comprehensive training includes an interactive education presentation focused on key Workplace Health and Safety fundamentals.  
  • Practical description, demonstration, or assessment of core competencies required for workers to perform their duties.  
  • Knowledge to create a safe workplace for consumers, carers, volunteers, and themselves, by applying safe work practices and principles into their dynamic work environments.  
  • Plena’s comprehensive training packages can be delivered nationally, onsite at your workplace for care workers, administrative staff, or support teams. All training packages are delivered by experienced community Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists and are based on National Workplace Health and Safety Legislation.  

Following Completion Of The Courses, Workers Will Have The Ability To:  

  • Identify and manage risk in the workplace through application of risk management services 
  • Understand the principles of safe manual handling  
  • Understand essential biomechanics  
  • Complete clinical and non-clinical transfers  
  • Assess and report risks and safety concerns  
  • Assess and report environmental concerns  


To find out more about our Manual Handling Training services, download our MHT Flyer or get in touch with your onsite residential aged care team today!